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Women deserve safe space to discuss and receive care for their bodies – without shame  It’s important to have an environment where women can have meaningful conversations with medical professionals without embarrassment, says Jean Ayers, the latest addition to the York gynecologist team at Apple Hill Gynecology.

Jean Ayers understands why some women struggle to be confident in their sexuality or comfortable in their bodies.

“Our society makes it difficult for so many women to talk openly about their bodies or to even take the time to care for themselves,” says Jean, a Certified Physician Assistant at Apple Hill Gynecology in the Apple Hill Medical Center. “It shouldn’t be that way. Women deserve a safe place to speak freely and receive care.”​

Jean Ayers As the newest addition to the gynecologist office in York, Pa., Jean wants women of all ages to be comfortable with coming to their doctor’s office.

“We experience a lot of body-shaming in our culture,” Jean says. “Being comfortable in one’s skin is important, and sometimes patients avoid the doctor because they are not comfortable.”

Individual health needs

Patients come to Apple Hill Gynecology in York for various female health concerns, says Jean, who joined the practice in January.

Many women are unaware that issues such as uncomfortable menstrual cycles or painful sexual experiences are often successfully treated by a medical professional. The practice also provides solutions for older women experiencing menopausal symptoms.

Apple Hill Gynecology’s medical staff is well-equipped and wants to help females learn about their individual health needs.
“It’s important to have an environment where women can have meaningful conversations with medical professionals without shame, fear or embarrassment,” Jean says.

Helping women of all ages

Having spent three years in a family practice before coming to Apple Hill Gynecology, Jean is following her dream to pursue specialty medicine in gynecology.

She sees multiple patients for consultations during the day, which usually include annual exams, contraceptive inquiries, Pap smears and minor outpatient surgical procedures.

Jean strives to teach basic reproductive health to teenagers and young adults so they can learn about sexuality without being ashamed or scared.

In turn, many older adults can neglect their health because they are busy taking care of aging parents or young children. Jean wants to provide guidance for these women who may have questions or need care after prioritizing their family’s health over their own.

Finding her niche

Before becoming a physician assistant, Jean practiced as a clinical psychologist and professor for 17 years.
She returned to school in 2008 to train for the next chapter in her career, which would take her from Baltimore County in Maryland to York County.

“In cities like Washington, D.C., or Baltimore, there are specialists on every corner,” she says. “In rural and town areas, there aren’t as many gynecological resources. We end up being a conduit for people, and I’m excited to have that opportunity.”

A safe space for patients

Jean strives to bring personal care to every woman who walks through the doors of the practice, creating a safe space for patients to voice fears, concerns and thoughts about their health.

Along with Dr. Marsha Bornt and a team of caring professionals at the York gynecologist practice, Jean cares for the diverse demographic of women from York County and the surrounding area, creating a secure space for all women regardless of their age or background.

“It’s important for women to take care of their gynecological health,” Jean says. “I’m really excited to be part of a team that provides that.”

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