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How Does PCOS Affect Your Emotional Health? 

If you have PCOS, you probably already know about unwanted hair, insulin resistance, irregular periods, and acne associated with the syndrome. But do you know about the emotional and psychological implications of PCOS? 
Sep 6th, 2023

5 Ways to Manage Your Hot Flashes and Night Sweats

Perimenopause, the years leading up to menopause, comes with a list of potential symptoms, but the most common is hot flashes. If they happen at night, those same hot flashes are called night sweats. Regardless of the time, they are uncomfortable.
Aug 6th, 2023

How (and Why) to Get to the Root of Your Pelvic Pain

Pelvic pain can be related to a wide variety of issues, some gynecological and some not. Because there are so many potential causes — some quite serious — it’s important to get to the bottom of why you’re experiencing pain.
Jul 13th, 2023

The Link Between Infertility and Endometriosis

Endometriosis, which is a condition that causes the tissue that lines your uterus to grow outside your uterus, can cause a host of issues, including infertility. Here’s how the two are associated.
May 8th, 2023

Will My Uterine Fibroids Resolve on Their Own?

If you’re experiencing symptoms associated with uterine fibroids, know this: More women have them than you might think. So, do they require treatment? What do you need to do if your doctor says you have uterine fibroids?
Apr 6th, 2023

4 Things That May Be Causing Your Vaginitis

Have you noticed uncomfortable vaginal symptoms such as itching, burning, or a discharge? It could be vaginitis, one of the most common reasons women see their gynecologists. Here’s what you need to know.
Mar 13th, 2023

How Your Diet Should Change During Menopause

Menopause is a natural time of transition, but it isn’t always comfortable. Some of your symptoms may be diminished by careful changes to your nutrition. Here’s what you need to know.
Feb 13th, 2023

Myths and Facts About Ectopic Pregnancy

You may have heard conflicting things, including outright misinformation, about ectopic pregnancy. We’re here to clear up the myths and give you the medical facts about this type of pregnancy.
Jan 10th, 2023

PCOS? Here’s What It Means for Your Fertility

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is a common issue among women. It can cause numerous symptoms and can also affect your ability to become pregnant. If you’re of childbearing age, keep reading to learn more about this condition.
Dec 8th, 2022

What Heavy Periods Can Tell Us About Your Health

Heavy periods are incredibly common, but that doesn’t mean they are normal. If your menstrual periods are particularly heavy or last longer than you think they should, you should see your doctor. Here’s why.
Oct 31st, 2022

Which of the 4 Types of Birth Control Are Right for You?

If you’re of childbearing age, contraception may be an important topic for you. Many new types of birth control are available. Read more here about the four main types along with information to guide you toward the one that may work best for you.
Oct 4th, 2022

7 Reasons Your Period May Be Heavy

Heavy periods can be problematic for lots of reasons. If your periods have always been heavy, it may seem normal, many things can cause heavy bleeding that can be corrected. Here are seven reasons you may have heavy periods.
Sep 7th, 2022

Is Menopause Slowing Down Your Sex Life?

Menopause is called “change of life” for good reason. Many things change, and your sex life may be one area that’s different after menopause. In this post, we discuss reasons menopause can change your sex life and whether you should be concerned.
Aug 1st, 2022

How Your Hormones Can Affect Your Vaginal Health

Hormones are incredibly important for healthy function throughout your body. Women’s health, particularly vaginal health, is affected by hormonal changes. Here’s what you need to know.
Jul 1st, 2022

5 Common Causes of Chronic Pelvic Pain

If you’ve been experiencing pain for more than six months in the area between your belly button and your hips, you have chronic pelvic pain. Ranging from annoying to debilitating, chronic pelvic pain can be caused by several underlying issues.
May 3rd, 2022

Fertility Awareness: All About the Rhythm Method

There are a variety of reasons you may choose to use a fertility awareness method to prevent pregnancy. There are some important things you should know, though, when you make that decision so that it works well for you.
Apr 5th, 2022

5 Encouraging Facts About Hot Flashes

If you’re among the many women who experience hot flashes during perimenopause, the years leading to menopause, you may benefit from hearing a few encouraging facts about them.
Mar 6th, 2022

How Does PCOS Affect Your Weight?

If you’ve been diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), there’s a high likelihood you struggle to maintain a healthy weight. In this post, we consider the interaction between weight and PCOS.
Feb 6th, 2022

How to Prevent Recurrent UTIs

One urinary tract infection is bad enough, but one that keeps coming back? That’s more than annoying—it’s life-disrupting. Here’s what you can do to decrease the likelihood of recurrent UTIs.
Dec 12th, 2021

Signs of an Ectopic Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a complex process, and complications can happen at nearly every step of the way. One complication is called an ectopic pregnancy. This post describes the signs of this complication and what you should do.
Nov 14th, 2021

Why Are My Periods So Heavy?

If you experience heavy menstrual periods, you may have simply resigned yourself to it. However, some underlying conditions can lead to heavy bleeding. There are treatments for many of those conditions.
Oct 13th, 2021

Signs of a UTI

If you’ve never had a urinary tract infection, the symptoms may not be obvious to you. In this post, we describe the signs of a UTI, potential causes, and how most UTIs are treated.
Sep 12th, 2021

Understanding the Different Types of Birth Control

The array of contraception options available may seem overwhelming and confusing, but finding what works for you, your partner, and your life is important. This post explores the types of birth control you may want to consider.
Aug 15th, 2021

Help for Your Menopausal Symptoms

The symptoms associated with menopause are unpredictable. One woman may only have limited, occasional symptoms while another experiences debilitating symptoms that alter her life. Wherever you fall on that scale, there’s help for your symptoms.
Jul 21st, 2021

Does PCOS Impact Fertility?

Millions of women experience the frustration and heartbreak of infertility. Although there are many infertility factors, the prevalence of PCOS begs the question: How does PCOS impact fertility? Read on to learn more.
Jun 28th, 2021

At-Home Remedies to Get You Through a UTI

When urinary tract infection (UTI) symptoms strike, you want relief, and you want it fast. A quick internet search provides plenty of at-home remedies, but how do you know what will actually work?
May 25th, 2021

Yes, You Should See Your Gynecologist Annually

You might not need to have a Pap smear every year, but you should still check in with your gynecologist annually. Find out why routine well-woman visits are critical to your health.
Apr 20th, 2021

What Does Your Vaginal Discharge Mean?

All women produce some vaginal discharge, although the amount and other details vary. Most of the time, discharge is a sign of a healthy vagina, but changes in color, consistency, and smell can be warning signs of a problem.
Mar 1st, 2021

Our Tips on Avoiding Urinary Tract Infections

If you’ve ever had a urinary tract infection (UTI), you probably want to make sure that you never experience that pain again. Fortunately, UTIs are avoidable. Check out our tips to reduce your risk of getting a UTI.
Feb 16th, 2021

Is Pelvic Pain Ever Normal?

Most women experience cramping at some point during their menstrual cycles. However, if you have severe or persistent pelvic pain that interferes with your life, it could be a sign of a more serious problem, and you should consult with your doctor.
Jan 13th, 2021

Why You Shouldn’t Suffer Through Heavy Periods

Menstrual periods are sometimes called “the curse,” but that doesn’t mean you need to suffer through heavy or painful periods every month. Read on to discover why you should talk to your doctor about heavy periods.
Dec 10th, 2020

Which Birth Control Method Is Right for You?

If you’re sexually active and don’t want to get pregnant, you need a reliable form of birth control. With so many options, how do you know which type of birth control is right for you?
Nov 12th, 2020

Top Reasons to Consider a Hysterectomy

Although a hysterectomy isn’t a first-line treatment for most women’s health conditions, it’s an effective option that can significantly impact your health. Let’s explore why you might consider a hysterectomy and what benefits it offers.
Sep 15th, 2020

Here’s How Menopause Affects Your Mental Health

Menopause causes various uncomfortable and distressing symptoms, such as hot flashes, libido loss, and weight gain. Did you know that your declining estrogen levels can also affect your mood and mental health?
Aug 12th, 2020

Myths and Facts About HPV

The human papillomavirus (HPV) is one of the most common STDs in the United States today. Despite its prevalence, HPV is widely misunderstood. We clear up some common myths and misconceptions in this blog post.
Jul 24th, 2020

Is a Birth Control Implant Right For you?

There are many different forms of contraceptives on the market, but how do you know which one is for you? If you’re looking for a safe, long-lasting, and effective solution, a birth control implant may be the right choice.
Jun 15th, 2020