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contraception & birth control in york

The best time to conceive a child is when you are emotionally and financially ready to make the long-term commitment to raising one. Until you are ready, Dr. Bornt can provide you with the most effective birth control options available today. A board-certified gynecologist in York PA, she will gladly explain the pros and cons of each method of contraception, from birth control pills to:

• IUDs
• implants
• patches
• shots
• sponges
• spermicides
• diaphragms
• vaginal rings
• cervical caps
• morning after pills
• condoms, female condoms
• the “rhythm” method (also called “fertility awareness” method)
• the “pull-out” method
• sterilization

Long Acting Reversible Contraception

The birth control implant from Nexplanon is a thin rod about the size of a matchstick. This implant releases hormones that prevent you from getting pregnant. We insert the implant into your arm and that’s it — you’re protected from pregnancy for up to 5 years!

How does an implant work?

After insertion into your arm, Nexplanon  releases the hormone progestin to stop you from getting pregnant. It prevents pregnancy in two ways:
• Progestin thickens cervical mucus to stop sperm from reaching your egg.
• Progestin can also stop ovulation so there’s no egg to fertilize.

If you decide that you want to get pregnant, Nurse Practioner Donna can simply remove the implant. You may start attempts for pregnancy after your implant is removed.

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